12th CS Syllabus

From this week onwards, we shall discuss every weekend and holidays.

Chapter-wise videos for 12th std CS new syllabus

Dear Student and Respected Teachers,

The videos are useful to learn/teach 12th STD new syllabus CS. If you have any doubts in any of the videos then, comment on TeachForTN YouTube Channel or @Teach4TN Telegram Channel or comment section below.

  1. Functions
  2. Data Abstraction
  3. Scoping
  4. Algorithmic Strategies
  5. Python variables and operators
  6. Control Structures
  7. Python Functions
  8. String and String Manipulations
  9. Lists, Tuples, Sets and Dictionary
  10. Python Classes and objects
  11. Database Concepts
  12. Structure Query Language(SQL)
  13. Python and CSV files
  14. Importing C++ Programs in Python
  15. Data manipulation through SQL
  16. Data visualization

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